The Board of Education is comprised of nine volunteer members from the community who are elected by District voters for three-year terms. Public meetings are held twice monthly. The Board, which is sensitive to community needs, aspirations and available resources, encourages community participation and support for the schools. The District’s newsletter FOCUS is published online throughout the year, providing information about the schools to district residents.

East Greenbush Central School District’s 2014-2015 Board of Education members:

  Phone Term Expiration Date
Dr. Shay Harrison, President 729-5719 June 30, 2016
Mark Mann, Vice-President 859-3863 June 30, 2017
Michael Buono 577-8049 June 30, 2017
Karen Curran, Assistant Clerk 283-5654 June 30, 2016
Kathleen Curtin 479-5890 June 30, 2017
John J. Dunn, Jr. 858-8731 June 30, 2015
Susan Garrigan-Piela 369-4238 June 30, 2015
Katherine Maciol 813-9181 June 30, 2016
JoAnn Taylor, Deputy Treasurer 283-5393 June 30, 2015


The Board of Education and Central Administration have created a joint email account to receive your questions, comments, and concerns.  You may contact them by clicking here. While the four members of the Central Administration team will receive these messages, members of the Board of Education will reply.

To view Board of Education goals for the 2014/2015 school year click here.

Information on School Board Elections
Individuals interested in running for the Board of Education may obtain Information here.

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