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2011 Regents Review
This year's Regents Review 2.0 begin airing in early May 2011 on all nine NYS Public Television stations! This comprehensive TV and web-based test-prep series is designed for high school students studying for the June 2011 Regents exams. The series features one-hour, in depth review programs on 14 different subjects - one program each for the specific NYS curriculum areas tested annually through Regents exams.

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Algebra 2/Trig

NYS Pretest and Field Test Strands  

Sound procedures for pretesting and field testing are a fundamental component in building a high quality statewide testing program. The New York State Education Department's Office of State Assessment has developed a new pretest and field test sampling method that employs a multi-year sampling matrix. This sampling method randomly assigns every public school in New York State, and those nonpublic schools that participate in the State's testing program to strands. Each strand contains a representative sample of schools, based on needs-resource capacity definitions. Each examination, other than those in Languages Other Than English, is also included and the resulting matrix assigns each examination to a strand. This new sampling method will address the needs of schools in several ways:

  • It gives all schools advance notice of their pretest and field test responsibilities;
  • The matrix system depends on all schools participating in accordance with the strand schedule, thus sharing the responsibility of pretesting and field testing while ensuring an adequate and representative sample; and
  • To the greatest extent possible pretests and field tests have been designed for administration in one class period.
  • Look up your school to see what mathematics field test strands they will be involved in at