Grade 3-8 ELA and Math Scores Now Available

As students, teachers, and parents prepare for a new school year, recently released New York State Assessment data indicates East Greenbush continues to outperform neighboring districts. 

East Greenbush continues to use innovative education programs to meet the increased expectations from the New York State Education Department. Testing results were released August 8, 2011 with a Press Release from the State Education Department explaining their new more rigorous standards: “Last year, the state raised the ‘proficiency’ standard scores to better reflect the level of achievement needed to indicate that a student is on track to achieve college-ready scores on future state exams.”

East Greenbush students, who took the exams in April and May, continued to exceed the state average for proficiency on the exams.

Click here for a complete listing of the grades 3-8 East Greenbush Central School District ELA and mathematics assessment results, including a school-by-school breakdown.

To see a user friendly version of state testing data visit the New York Times.

For a complete list of the results visit the New York State Education Department’s website